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Lauble GmbH Blankstahl


Cold-finished steel is characterized by a flat, smooth surface with good machinability. Products made of bright steel are usually used directly at their destination without additional surface processing.

Lauble GmbH Qualitätstahl


The broad term quality steel covers a group of steels that are characterized by certain properties, such as high wear resistance or hard strength.This group of steels includes, among others, general structural steels, case-hardening steels or quenched and tempered steels.

Lauble GmbH Edelstahl


Stainless steel is basically all alloyed or unalloyed steels with a particular degree of purity. The alloy content is precisely defined for each stainless steel. However, such a steel does not always meet the requirements of a stainless steel. In everyday life, however, exclusively stainless steels are regularly also described as stainless steels.

Lauble GmbH Aluminium


Basically, aluminum is understood to be all materials based on the element aluminum (Al). Despite a two-thirds lower density, aluminum alloys in particular have a strength comparable to that of steel.

Lauble GmbH Kunststoff


A material made of synthetic or semi-synthetic polymers is referred to as a plastic. Its properties can be influenced depending on its composition.

Lauble GmbH Messing


Brass is a copper alloy with a zinc content of up to 40%. In addition, other metals can be added in small proportions to give the brass certain properties. The hardness of brass is generally slightly higher than that of pure copper.